Sometimes the most amazing opportunities in life come along at the last minute. Maggie reached out to us only two months before her & Jason’s wedding date and fortunately, I was free and excited to make a trip out to Georgia’s old stomping ground – Marathon, Texas. After two flights and three hours of driving through barren desert (in the tiniest possible rental car) I arrived in Marathon – the strangest and coolest place I’ve ever been to. Maggie, Jason and their families were more hospitable than I could ever have expected. Maggie and the talented designers at Gage Hotel pulled off the most beautiful desert wedding imaginable – it was an honor and a joy to be a witness for Maggie & Jason and to capture their gorgeous day. At the end of the night as I sat on my motel porch under the stars, I looked through the images on the back of my camera and cried; I was moved to tears by the beauty of the day, the warmth and love that I felt from Maggie, Jason and their families, and by the realization that I have the most amazing job.

Congrats Maggie & Jason, I wish you the most incredible life together! XO


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